Germany and Europe to Blame for Dems’ Midterm Shellacking

There's little doubt that the United States and the world will have to endure two more years of fruitless government from Obama and Congress.
There’s little doubt that the United States and the world will have to endure two more years of fruitless government from Obama and Congress.

Senior members of the Democrat party have begun to look for a scapegoat for the horrible results of the 2014 midterm elections. They think they have it.

Barack Hussein Obama never had a chance. The midterm elections of 2014 have proved it.

The President of the United States of America and leader of the Democrat Party overcame most of the myriad issues and controversies surrounding his election in 2008. From one crisis to the next, Obama has spent a good deal of his presidency putting out fires. It has simply become too much, and America’s fickle nature has lambasted him. He may have been able to survive. But the Europeans, and especially Germany, put the final nails in his political coffin.

Obama would’ve overcome his name. It sounds Muslim but doesn’t have to be. He could’ve overcome the fact that as many as 50% Americans don’t believe he was born in the US, but he could have done little to educate the 8% of Americans who don’t know Hawaii is an American state.

Obama would’ve overcome the fact that he’s black, or at least half black.

Obama might’ve overcome the fact that in the midterm elections of nearly every president since 1862, the party in the White House loses ground in Congress. He may have had a chance to overcome the tightening of voter laws and other Supreme Court decisions that stated things like ‘corporations are people and can donate without limit to the candidates of their choice’. This has done much more proportionately to Democrats’ constituencies negatively, yes, but it was not insurmountable.

Obama may have overcome the destabilization of the Middle East begun by his predecessor, George W. Bush. And overcome a re-assertive Russia.

These he may have done with coalitions. But he couldn’t find any partners. In most of the aforementioned issues against him he had a chance, but abandoned by his traditional partners he was left to his own devices. This is the result.

He couldn’t overcome the Europeans, and more specifically the Germans.

Russia should be Germany’s problem to solve. Where are all the Realpolitik engineers? Why is Germany so hesitant to assert itself? History? Perhaps. But many Germans have told me they are tired of hearing about their history, especially two world wars and Hitler. I don’t blame them. So why hide behind it? A weak Germany is much worse than a strong one. I’m all for ‘soft power’, but it must be power nonetheless.


Before Obama had even filled the pages of his passport or positions in his cabinet, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. It was given to him for his POTENTIAL. It was impossible for the man to live up to the legend. Europeans loved the man, the myth, who in much honesty had done little in his history to warrant such admiration. He never had a chance.

Obama and Merkel in happier times.
Obama and Merkel in happier times.

Obama’s first speech in Berlin, in 2008, drew about 200,000 people. The people went crazy in a way that hadn’t been seen in this country since, dare I say it, a smallish corporal from Austria had spoken to the Germans some 85 years earlier. Then, five years later, Obama was granted permission to speak not only in Berlin, but at the Brandenburg Gate, a symbol of Germany both old and new, a place reserved for only the largest of men. Comparisons to John F Kennedy, begun immediately BEFORE the first speech, and intensified in their frequency and volume after the second. Obama never had a chance.

Economically, the Germans and Americans have never seen eye to eye during Obama’s run. The Germans, clearly the strongest economy in the European Union (EU) and unfortunately, the strongest single pillar of frugality and fiscal conservatism in the EU, could never wrap their heads around the idea of domestic stimulus as a way out of economic malaise. Obama’s financial advisers and other experts of economics like Paul Krugman (another Nobel Prize winner), rightfully convinced Obama to spend America’s way out of recession, not to withdraw. They believe he didn’t spend enough. Because Europe has been limping along the last few years much to the Germans’ thriftiness, America, and Obama, never had a chance. All things are connected, especially economically.

Sure, Germany crows about 1.5% growth the last year, or the last quarter or the last month. But to Americans this is the equivalent to zero growth, it’s borderline negative. Obama never had a chance.

Because of the throngs of Europeans enamored with Obama before he’d even moved into the White House, Obama’s presidency never had a chance. The masses of people in Europe only expedited calls by those opposed to Obama in America. Republicans mocked his ‘anointment’, his being a ‘Messiah’, and used other such terms normally reserved for religions or slavery.

Obama’s inability to close Guantanamo is a clear example of how American politics works. One man or one branch of government  is unable to do much unilaterally. America is a true republic. It takes compromise and agreement. Obama never had a chance when half the government didn’t even negotiate in good faith.

I ask my European friends, please, I implore and beg of you, do not do the same to Hillary Clinton if she decides to run for president and shows signs of winning. Do not invite her to give speeches. It will only complicate things. Stay out of American politics, it is a brutal business. Men like Sarkozy and Berlusconi would be mere sideshows to the main event of the three ring circus that is American politics. If you want to give adoration and awards to American politicians, do it after they’ve finished their terms. Please, I beg of you.

Hillary Clinton, waiting in the wings, or maybe not. Europe and Germany may be the key.
Hillary Clinton, waiting in the wings, or maybe not. Europe and Germany may be the key.

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