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Germany, and especially Munich, always rate high to very high on the lists of those who make lists about the best countries and cities to live in. Low crime and unemployment, solid schools and infrastructure, and incredible culture to absorb your free time. Munich is that good.

German ICE Train    However, real problems face Germany. Germany sits at the heart of Europe and through miracle, work and aid, Germany has built a new empire, based on quality, price and politics. Germany has become the leader of Europe, and it has assumed some of the exact responsibilities that almost the whole of Europe tried to keep it from becoming since the end of World War II.

Today, Munich is one of the beating engines of Germany, and Europe. The task will be to try and peel back the cloaks which shroud nearly every industrialized and developed city in the West. Munich is green, it is clean, and it hurtling towards the future. But what awaits?

There are also many remarkable and optimistic ideas and technologies coming out of Munich, and this is attracting an ever-increasing number of immigrants.  PEGIDA   For most Bavarians and Germans there are few problems. But might some rip currents lie and lurk below the surface?      

Often those who see and live in Munich as a non-native, dig deeper and retain longer, the obscure facts which make it so unique. Non-natives are constantly searching the nooks and crannies of the walls and houses in which might sit a little-known tidbit about their adoptive town, and I hope to find some too.