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Laptops (modern)

The phrase ‘laptops and lederhosen’ was first used by former Federal President Roman Herzog of the Bavarian political party Christian Social Union (CSU), in 1998, but the idea really became popular as a way to describe Bavaria when Dr Edmund Stoiber (CSU), the leader of Bavaria, used it in his nearly successful candidacy for German Chancellor in 2002. Bavaria was for many years a backwater of Germany, a poor agricultural state.

But due to the foresight, and possible backroom dealings of Bavaria’s most important politician Franz Josef Strauss (CSU), Bavaria’s economy was diversified. It is now headquarters to many of Germany’s booming technology companies. Most large international tech companies have a presence in Bavaria as well. These IT companies coupled with Bavaria’s automobile industry ensure that there will always be a large demand for high-skilled workers. The infrastructure has been greatly improved and maintained to accommodate the modern world.

HTC One 806

Lederhosen (traditional)

Bavaria is also famous for its farms and history. At almost 1500 years old, the state of Bavaria is one of the oldest continuous political entities in all of Europe, and therefore the world. Bavaria continues to draw tourists in droves who contribute greatly to the local coffers, and who hope to catch a glimpse of the fairy tale castles, beer halls, and traditional costume. Because of the strength of its economy, the local inhabitants demand high-quality food, and much of the food grown and livestock raised in Bavaria are considered world-class.

Another sign of Bavaria’s staunch conservatism is the Christian Social Union (CSU), a more right of center party than German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). The CSU has governed continuously in Bavaria since 1957. There will be no change of this in the foreseeable future.


Yours Truly

I first visited Munich in June of 1999. It was foggy, gray and cold. It was in a sense, perfect German weather. It took me about two days to figure out that I wanted to live in this bewitching, beguiling land near the Alps. Then fortune smiled upon me and I was able to come here on a permanent basis a year later. I now have a family here and can think of no other place on earth I would rather be.

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